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Test your face-name memory


We often experience trouble remembering the name of a person we have previously met despite recognizing their face as being familiar.

A person's ability to successfully recall names to the faces of people they have recently met can be termed face-name memory IQ.

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Face-Name Memory IQ Project


This is a short (10 minute) simple study of face name memory.

At the end you will receive an estimate of a type of Face- Name Memory IQ, which reflects how well you did compared to everyone else who has completed the study.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to be tested on some of the face-name pairs tomorrow to receive a measure of your Long- term Face-Name Memory IQ


Informed Consent Request

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate how good people in the general population are at learning faces and names. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

During this study, you will learn face name pairs and will be asked to recall them on a later test. You will be asked a few demographic questions and be given the opportunity to provide your email address if you are interested in being contacted for future research.

Taking part in this research study is completely voluntary. You are free to withdraw at any point and you must be 18 to participate.

The risks of participating are possible boredom or being dissatisfied with your performance. There are no known benefits.

We will keep the information you provide confidential. However, federal regulatory agencies and Washington University, including the Washington University Institutional Review Board (a committee that reviews and approves research studies) may inspect and copy records pertaining to this research. This research study has been approved by the IRB at Washington University in St Louis. If you have any questions or problems with the study contact Dr. Mary Pyc at If you have questions, concerns, or complaints about your rights as a research participant please contact the Human Research Protection Office, 660 South Euclid Avenue, Campus Box 8089, St. Louis, MO 63110, (314) 633-7400, or 1-(800)-438-0445 or email

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Face-Name Memory IQ Study: Part 1

Study Phase


A picture of a face will appear in the center of the screen paired with its corresponding name, as shown in the diagram.

You will be given 2 seconds to learn each of the 56 face-name pairs.

Your task is to learn the items so that you can later recognize the face-name pair.



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In order to use your responses as part of our experiment we need some information. Before proceeding onto the last portion of the study, please complete the following:

I am a resident of
I am
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I am Right Handed Left Handed
My native language is
My highest level of education is
What time of day do you feel most alert?
What racial category best applies to you?
How is your vision?

Test Phase: Part 2

In the following section you will be presented with face name pairs in the center of the screen, one at a time. You will make one of two judgments about the face-name pairs.

When you are ready to begin the test phase, please press the begin button.

Note: you must answer each question within 10 seconds.


Your Face-Name Immediate Memory IQ

How do your results measure up to others who have taken our test?


Your immediate memory IQ score:

% of the  people that have so far completed this task have performed worse than you did.

You correctly identified % of items.

Note: your face-name memory IQ score is based on the scores of people who have completed this task thus far. This memory IQ score is only one measure of face-name memory and is only an approximation of this type.


Would you like to learn your long term face-name memory IQ?

If you would like to know your possibly more important long-term face-name memory IQ score, enter your email address below.

Tomorrow, you will be sent a link for the second part of the study, where you will be able to obtain your long term face-name memory IQ.

Note: the email address will only be available to this research team and will not be distributed to anyone else.

If you decide that you do not want to participate in our study, you may discontinue being contacted/participating at any time.

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This experiment investigated memory for faces and names. We are hopeful that by examining a large number of participants, we will be better able to understand the variability across people in this important social skill. Please note that many factors can influence your performance on this simple task, such as your age, whether there is distraction in the room, practice with memory tasks, etc. So, one should not use this task as an indicator of your general memory performance.

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